Cheapest Vitamin D 50000 IU (Topferol D3 50,000 IU 8 Tablet)


Topferol Vitamin D3 50000 IU tablet is a essential vitamin that helps you obtain your body’s requirements of vitamin D to Maintain your bone and muscle health, improve Immune system, regulates your mood, maintain a healthy weight. increase your hair Growth and More.

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our Topferol Vitamin D3 50000 IU are a Best and Cheapest Vitamin D3 Supplement on The Market. know More About The Cheapest Vitamin D3 50,000 IU in Below Description.

What Is Vitamin D3 50,000 IU?

Vitamin D 50000 IU are (cholecalciferol-D3 50000 International Unit ) and vitamin d is a fat-soluble essential nutrient for the human body, that penetrates into the human body from sun exposure (direct sunlight), and daily specific food lists and food supplements, which helps your body to absorb calcium and phosphorus. and paly a Key Role in Maintaining bone health, teeth health, and Hair Growth, with providing many other health benefits to the human body including boosting the immune system.

What Is The Top 10 Health Benefits of Vitamin D3 Topferol 50000 IU Supplements?

Maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D in the blood is very important for our overall good health. And due to the lack and insufficiency of this vitamin D, many diseases start to disclosure in the body. Having enough vitamin D from diet or Supplements can help you achieve these Top 10 benefits vitamin D and More.

  1. Vitamin D helps boost your immune system.
  2. Improves bone and muscle health.
  3. Helps regulates your mood
  4. Helps maintain a healthy weight.
  5. helps to Improve your hair Growth.
  6. Reduce your Excessive fatigue and tiredness.
  7. Reduce your Obesity.
  8. increase Bone density and Synovial fluids ( increase The Joint fluid, a type of Thick liquid which located between your joints)
  9. improve Men and Women health
  10. improve Overall health. Source

To Know More About Benefits of Vitamin D in Details Check This Article.

Product Description:

  • Topferol D3 50000 IU tablet is a essential vitamin that helps you obtain your body’s requirements of vitamin D.
  •  it’s extremely important for our bones, muscles, teeth, hair and Immunity health, Beacause Vitamin D is responsible for regulating the metabolism of calcium in our bodies.
  • Topferol Vitamin D helps our body to absorb calcium sufficently and Strong Bones and Increase Joint fluids amount.
  • it’s can use as a dietary supplement in peoples, who don’t get enough vitamin D from their diets and Sunlight to maintain adequate health.
  • It’s Also Improve your Immunity to help you to fight against Various Infections and Viruses.

Topferol Product Features

Topferol Vitamin D 50000 IU


Topferol Vitamin D3 Prevents Osteoporosis disease.

  • Vitamin D is very Important to keep your bones strong and prevent the bone disease osteoporosis.
  • Vitamin D Ensure your Calcium absorbtion from food and Supplements.

Improve Immunity

  • it’s Improve your immune functions through vitamin D receptors located on the most immune system cells.
  • Helps to fight against Various infections and viruses.


Strength your Bones and Teeth 

  • It’s increase your Calcium absorbtion and Synovial fluids to strength your Bones and Teeth by supporting muscles needed to avoid weakness.

Help into Pregnants & lacting Moms health

  • During pregnancy and lactation, moms Everyday Required high amounts of Vitamin D and calcium to pass on to the developing fetus and suckling neonate, respectively.


Helps to Exits from Fatigue

  • Excessive fatigue and fequently tiredness is a Sign of vitamin D deficiency, which may Impact in your Daily Life, So Topferol Vitamin D 50000 IU can helps to Exits from Fatigue.

 Mood Swings Probability

  • Most Common symptoms of Mood swings are nutritional deficiencies, Include Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Keep Your Vitamin D Levels at Normal By Taking Topferol vitamin D3 50000 IU once A week with a Best Multivaitamins and Minerals Supplement.


Help to Prevent your hair Loss

  • Usually, Vitamin D Deficiency or Insufficiency can cause your Hair loss. (for more info Read This Article.)
  • Research Shown that, Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to baldness, alopecia and More Health Conditions.

Helps to Reduce Your Obesity

  • People who have Obesity or overweight, They have High Risk of Vitamin D deficiency, which may causing Their Obesity and overweight.
  • so when they intake their Vitamin D Sufficiently and Do Body exercises with Maintaining Diet, it’s May Help to Loss Their Overweight and obesity faster.


How to use Topferol Vitamin D 50000 IU?

  • Topferol D3 50,000 IU Recommended to use One Tablet Once a Week, it’s More Effectively work if You Consume With Fatty Meals or Omega Fatty Acids Capsule. and Recommonded to sue for 3 months if deficiency confirmed (loading dose).
  • the maintenance of Vitamin D dose should be adjusted by your healthcare doctor or pharmacist
  • Before Take High Concentrated Vitamin D3 Consult with your Healthcare Specialist or Be Sure About Your Vitamin D deficiency By Using A Vitmin D Rapid Test at Home.

Vitamin-D Deficiency Causes :

  • When usual intake is lower than recommended levels over time.
  • When exposure to sunlight is limited
  • When the kidneys cannot convert 25(OH)D to its active form.
  • When absorption of vitamin D from the digestive tract is inadequate

Ingredients : 

Nutritional Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Topferol D3 Servings Per Tablet,

Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol50000 IU


Caution & Warnings:

  • Keep Topferol out reach of children
  • If any adverse reaction occurs, immediately stop taking the product and consult with your doctor or Pharmacist.
  • Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycemics, and people with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs should consult a physician prior to taking dietary supplements.

Product Source:

  • Manufacturer: Pharma International
  • Product form: Tablets
  • Ingredients: Vitamin D 3 as cholecalciferol,
  • Product function: Bone & Joints Health, hair health, Overall health Improvement for men and Women.


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